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Title: LOVE Layer 10

Lain: The only truth... God.

Eiri: Yes, me. Right, Lain?

Lain: Are you God?

Eiri: Yes, I'm God.

Eiri: (As Lain) Why can you be a god? I can't understand it.

Eiri: Aren't you already dead as a human? You can't be a god.

Lain: (As Eiri) I understand that the flesh is not necessary.

Lain: To die is only to abandon the flesh.

Eiri: Just like Chisa.

Text: I don't need to remain here.

Lain: That is...true. I made the protocol that rules the wired evolve.

Eiri: Yes, you did. But a protocol is only an agreement.

Lain: Yes, but I added some code that will function in a higher phase.

Eiri: So what?

Lain: I programmed some compressed information into the protocol in code.

Eiri: What kind of information?

Lain: Human memories... All of the thoughts, history, memories and emotions of the man Eiri Masami.

Eiri: What does it mean?

Lain: I can live forever in wired as an "anonymous" existence, and rule here through information.

Eiri: What should you be called?

Lain: God.

Eiri: There is no God.

Lain: Even if I could be omnipresent in the wired and affect others, I can't be a god if I have no believers.

Eiri: But you do. No, you created them.

Lain: The Knights...

Eiri: You don't need your body, Lain.

Lain(w): That must be a lie.

Classmates: Random idle chatter

Student: Rise! Bow!

Teacher: Now put away your textbook.

Lain: I... I'm real... I'm alive... I'm here...

Lain: Why have things come to this? Do I do something wrong?

Lain: I always tried not to let this happen. I always tried not to say anything wrong...

Lain: Is this real? I'm not meant to have a body...

Alice: You are right, Lain. You are no longer needed in the real world.

Lain: I'm back.

Mika: Pii Pii Pii... Gaaaa... Pii Pii Pii... Gaaaa...

Lain: Dad?

Father: Now is the time to say goodbye, Lain-san.

Father: Didn't you notice it? Our work is done.

Father: I couldn't do much for you, even though it was a short time.

Father: Now you are free. You can do anything you want.

Father: No, you were always free.

Father: I was not allowed to say goodbye, but I loved you.

Father: It's not that I enjoyed acting as a family, but I think that I envied someone like you.

Father: Bye.

Lain: Wait!

Lain: Don't leave me alone!

Father: Alone? You are not alone.

Father: When you connect to the wired, everyone will welcome you.

Father: That's the kind of being you are.

Lain: I'm not alone...

Woman's voice: Do you want to do something, Lain?

Woman's voice: This is your world, Lain.

Lain(w): Who are the Knights? Maybe they created the fake me.

Man's voice: I don't think so.

Man's voice: No, it's possible. It seems that the Knights of Eastern Calculus originated in Knights Templar.

Man's voice: Since before the Wired appeared, they have used the collective unconscious, an invisible network between humans.

Woman's voice: What do you want to know?

Lain(w): Knights... Who are the Knights?

Woman'sVoice: Do you want to know?

Lain(w): The reason that God of the Wired can be God is because he has followers.

Masayuki: Taro, let's we go somewhere else. This is getting boring.

Myu-myu: Yeah. How about we go to my house?

Myu-myu: Masayuki, you don't need to come.

Masayuki: What's that supposed to mean?

Myu-myu: Taro doesn't want to hang out with a child like you.

Masayuki: What are you saying? You're a child too, Myu-Myu.

Myu-myu: It's OK since I'm a girl. Younger is always better for girls.

Myu-myu: Don't you think so, Taro?

Masayuki: What's that?

Myu-myu: What happened? Is there something on Net News?

Taro: A list.

Myu-myu: List? What list?

Taro: Why is there a list of the members of the Knights on Net News?

Net News: Knights of the Eastern Calculus

Net News: Takuyoshi Masuoka

Masuoka: Y-Yes?

MIB2: Please be silent.

Masuoka: Who are you?

MIB1: Take your responsibility.

Masuoka: What do you mean-

Secretary: !

Boy: Mom, I lost.

Boy: It's your turn. If you don't come over, I'll keep playing.

Boy: Mom, I'll beat them.

News: Many people all over the world committed suicide today.

News: The information agency and the police in each country have begun to investigate the cause.

News: All of them were in occupations associated with network services.

News: Informed sources say that they were members of a group named the Knights.

Lain: Why did you do this?

MIB1: It was a request from our client.

MIB1: You tracked down all the members of the Knights all over the world.

MIB1: Now our associates are eliminating them.

Lain: ...

MIB1: The Wired must not become a special reality. It must only be an addition to the real world.

MIB2: You can't exist in the Wired, either, but you're still alive.

MIB2: You might be protected by God.

MIB1: Soon, the lingering ghost of Eiri Masami in the Wired will be disinfected.

MIB1: Our client is now working to rewrite all of Protocol 7.

MIB1: We don't need God.

MIB2: Neither in the Wired nor in the real world.

MIB1: We still can't even understand what you are.

MIB1: But I love you.

MIB1: Love is a strange emotion.

Lain: What will you do?

Eiri: Well, what shall I do...

Lain: You have no followers left.

Eiri: If so, I can't remain God.

Eiri: But there is one believer left. Even if there is only one believer, I'm still God.

Lain: Who is it?

Eiri: Are you kidding? It's you, Lain.

Eiri: You can exist as you are because of me.

Eiri: You were born in the Wired. You were a legend in the Wired, and a heroine in a fairy tale in the Wired...

Lain: No...

Eiri: Iwakura Lain in real world is only a hologram of it.

Eiri: You are a homunculus made from artificial ribosomes.

Eiri: You have never had a real body.

Lain: No...

Eiri: False family, false friends... everything was false.

Lain: No...

Lain: No, that's not...

Eiri: Poor Lain. You're all alone now.

Eiri: But I am with you. I love you.

Eiri: You'll love me, the one who sent you to this world.

Eiri: I'm your creator.

Eiri: Love me... Please, Lain...

Lain: Another...

Eiri: What?

Lain: Another me...

Eiri: It's not another you, it's the real you.

Lain(w): It doesn't matter which it is!

(Adapted from [1] and from memory. Originally translated by Keisuke Shindo.)